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TIC Compliance Programme

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Focused expertise

The core of the business is the elimination of risk, through independent inspection, analysis and testing. Its main asset is the focused expertise of Inspectorate's people. Their acknowledged professional skill in their individual fields ensures a consistently high standard of service.

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Guaranteed integrity

An Inspectorate certificate is the assurance of integrity and is accpted and valued by the trading community, sellers, purchasers, banks and governments. It is supported by quality controlled facilities, capable of conducting all types of tests and analyses, from raw materials to complex finished products.  

arrow.GIF (70 bytes)Universal recognition
Accreditation by all the main international and national bodies (ISO) underlines Inspectorate's expertise and provides an internationally recognised endorsement of Inspectorate's methods and procedures.

arrow.GIF (70 bytes)Matched to client needs
Each client and each trading contract is unique. Inspectorate services are flexibly adapted to accommodate changing needs, with closest client liaison at the local level to ensure that services offered precisely match specific client requirements.

arrow.GIF (70 bytes)Efficience
Clients who trade globally naturally expect the highest standards of speed and accuracy of communication and that is what Inspectorate, with its efficient, can offer, with clearance documents, inspection developments and results dispatched direct by E-mail, Fax, Telephone, Telex.


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