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The inspection and testing of consumer products is a major part of Inspectorate's work. Offers a full range of services to importers, wholesalers, mail order companies and retailers. Flexibly designed to meet the specific needs of each client, Inspectorate product inspection services can cover the complete production process from initial evaluation and raw materials inspection to final testing and loading supervision,
or simply the inspection of one stage in the manufacturing process.

Whatever form of Inspectorate consumer service is right for you, you can rely on it not only to eliminate risk, but also to save you money.

How Inspectorate works to save your money
...Effective pre-shipment inspection costs you a
   lot less than rectifying poor quality when your
   goods arrive.

...Time is money - and long delays in replacing

   sub-standard goods can be prohibitively
   expensive for your business.

...Loss of your reputation when defective or

   sub-standard goods cannot be replaced in
   time means a serious loss of long-term sales,
...The cost of product supply shortages cannot
   be recouped - it is so much easier to inspect
   for full product quantities at the loading stage.

...Poor packaging produces damaged good -

   and insurance will not always cover your
   sales    losses.

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